Spitzensterne / Bobbin Lace Stars

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Dana Mihulková, Irena Ring


26 pretty stars worded with cotton 50/2 and gimp. Each pattern designed in a different way and well documented with colour diagram and photo of the lace. Technical introduction with many drawings and close-up photos of the work in progress.


Text German and English, 30 x 21 cm, 44 pages, paperback.

Geklöppelte Klöppel

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Barbara Corbet


Mats in various techniques corresponding to the country of origin. Basic knowledge is necessary, however, every lace maker will find a suitable pattern and discover further techniques. Patterns with specification of threads, colour code and photos of the laces and typical bobbins.


Text German, 31 x 23 cm, 163 pages, hardcover.

Schneeflöckchen Weissröckchen

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Ulrike Voelcker


14 superb new projects, elegant flower motifs with snowflake grounds for experienced lace makers. Large colour diagrams with instructions, clear black and white photographs of the laces.


Text German and English, 30 x 21 cm, 72 pages, paperback.

Pattern "Lesezeichen"

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Pattern "Lesezeichen" A4 by Claire Burkhard


(Venne cotton Multicolor Nm 40/2 Code 403042 or 403010 and linen 40/2 Code 040027 or 040044.)


Fiandra a tre paia, Diana Dussi

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A narrow tape of three pairs is first worked to fill of the surface which is then surrounded by a tape with some additional pairs. The historic introduction and the technical part with an exercise pattern are followed by 12 pretty patterns for various delicate bobbin laces. Patterns with instructions and attractive colour photos.


Text in Italian, German and English, 27 x 21 cm, 64 pages, paperback.

Variations in Torchon

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Variationer i torchon

Linda Valbjorn Olsen

A Torchon pattern in many variations for mats, square, round or oval, all in lace or with fabric centre and some little baskets for a Christmas tree. Patterns with colour scheme and specification of material.

Text Danish, German. English, 40 pages, 27 x 21 cm, paperback.

Light captured in the lace

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V cipke ujeta svetloba

Light captured in the lace


Simona Strgulc Krajsek, Afrodita Hebar Kljun, Mojca Ferle


A group of Slovene OIDFA members have designed 50 bobbin lace patterns in different styles, from easy tape laces to attractive floral motifs, for small paper lamp shades to be set on a wine glass with a candle. Each project is illustrated by a colour picture of the flat lace and the decorated lampshade.


Text Slovenian and English, 21 x 30 cm, 111 pages, paperback.

La Guipure du Puy - Base et perfectionnement

3225 *
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Nathalie Hubert, Mick Fouriscot


Beautiful traditional bobbin laces in fine silk. The technical introduction is followed by 50 patterns for experienced lace makers, mostly edgings, some with corners or in circular shape and four decorative bookmarks, always with specification of material, diagrams and photos in colour.


Text French, 27,5 x 21,5 cm, 144 pages, paperback.

Mariage avec dentelles

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Michelle Andreu


5 patterns for a wedding: a small basket, a garter, a cushion for the rings in Torchon lace, a heart motif, a fan in Bruges flower technique. All bobbin laces in white linen 60/2 and 80/2, with instructions diagrams and colour photos.


Text French, 30x21cm, 8 pages, paperback.

Tischbänder, Sylvia Vollmer

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20 revised patterns for table runners, some in Torchon technique with straight edges and others in curved shapes, for Vävlin linen 16/2 or slightly reduced for Moravia linen 50/4, patterns and new diagrams with colour code.


Text German, 50 pages, 30,5 x 21,5 cm, hardcover.

English translation by Sylvia Vollmer.

Dentelle Torchon, Martine Piveteau

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The history of bobbin lace in Le Puy-en-Velay and the technical instructions are followed by 19 pretty new mats in well applied Torchon technique, with specification of material, diagrams, patterns and superb large photographs of the laces.

Text French, 112 pages, 30 x 23 cm, hardcover.

Thread Multicolor Nm 40/2

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Venne cotton Nm40/2,

100% cotton, 140 meters

to be combined with linen Nel 80/3

Thread Multicolor Nm 40/2

  • Description

Venne cotton Nm40/2,

100% cotton, 140 meters

to be combined with linen Nel 80/3

Thread Multicolor Nm 40/2

  • Description

Venne cotton Nm40/2,

100% cotton, 140 meters

to be combined with linen Nel 80/3

Tatting Fantasia 6, Iris Niebach

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Tatted elements in two colours, 6 triangles, 7 squares and 7 hexagons for mats and stars, with drawings, step by step instructions and pretty colour photos.

Text English, German and Italian, 34 pages, 21x21cm, paperback.

Christian Traugott Grimm - Klöppelcurriculum 1823

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Maria Kilian

Claudia Schuster


The historic introduction and the extensive theoretical part are followed by 10 redrawn patterns for point ground bobbin laces from narrow and easy to large and decorative, with specification of threads and good illustrations.


Text German, 48 pages, 30x21cm, paperback.

Magazine Winter in Bobbin Lace

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Table runners and mats decorated with star and bell patterns, several motifs for Christmas tree decorations and a crown for the feast of Epiphany, with patterns in black and white, description of material and colour photos. 


Text German, French and English, 21 x 15 cm, 16 pages. 

Bobbin-Made Jewellery from Metal Threads

3224 *
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Martina Wolter-Kampmann


The explanations regarding of bobbin lace made of metallic threads and the technique are followed by eleven bracelets, four necklaces, five brooches and one earring, extensive instructions with diagrams, large colour photos, patterns.


Text German and English, 22.5 x 24.5 cm, 107 pages, hardcover.

Perfect Lace Technique - Corners/Curves

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Jana Novak


The introduction with colour photos of traditional and modern bobbin laces is followed by 28 large diagrams in black and white with instructions.


Text English, German, Danish and Czech, 80 pages, 30x21cm, hardcover.

L’art de la frivolité à motifs végétaux

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Sumi Fujishige


Some large and beautiful collars, many pretty necklaces with earrings and a few mats. Colour photos of the laces to the theme of the plant world, separate technical section and instructions with diagrams of the various elements.


Text French, 96 pages and separate sheet for large patterns, 29,5x23,5cm, paperback.

Umrandungen III, Sylvia Vollmer

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20 patterns for Torchon bobbin laces partly matching to prefabricated mats. Large stars, several round mats and various other shapes. Each pattern with colour diagram and instruction, colour photos of the laces.


Text German, 50 pages, 30x21cm, hardcover.

English translation by Sylvia Vollmer.

Von Herzen, Ulrike Voelcker

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17 beautiful patterns for fine laces in point ground as medallions with various heart motifs, comprehensive instructions for perfect results with many line drawings and good close-up photos of technical details.


Text German and English, 96 pages, 22x22cm, paperback.

Klöppeln mit Kindern

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Alle Grundlagen – spielend leicht

Katrin Baumann, Steffi Schmat


The short introduction of the manual for children is followed by 14 patterns with colour diagrams and schemas for amusing figures and decorations. Good colour photos of all objects and step by step close-ups, with lists of materials, instructions and short nursery rhymes.


Text German, 96 pages, 21,5 x 21,5 cm, hardcover.