Floral Bedfordshire, Yvonne Scheele-Kerkhof

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40 new patterns for fine laces and medaillons with colour illustrations and close-ups including 69 drawings for the comprehensive technical part.
Text English, German, Dutch and French, 168 pages, 27x21cm, hardback.

Description of the editor:

The techniques of Bedfordshire lace provide the lace designer with a wide variety of possibilities. Very different kinds of motifs worked closely in cloth stitch can be placed in a light, open ground; pairs are added as needed and later laid out again as inconspicuously as possible. Pointed, round and curved forms may be designed relatively freely.

40 new designs for flower motifs in the Bedfordshire technique are presented in this book. The flowers and sprigs are decorated extravagantly with trifles such as raised and sometimes rolled tallies, or gimp threads which run within motifs. The motifs are surrounded by a great variety of filigree grounds.

Although inspired by the designs of Thomas Lester from the late 19th century, the motifs are intended for the present day: we no longer need lace by the yard but enjoy single motifs which catch the eye, especially when applied to clothing, but which also have many other uses.

Bedfordshire lace is not very easy to work. That pairs must constantly be added and taken out requires not only a good eye for appropriate placing but also a good grounding in the techniques which can be used. Therefore the patterns in this book are preceded by an extensive section in which all the special techniques are described and illustrated. It is recommended that beginners study this section thoroughly, but experienced lacemakers will also be glad of one or other of the tips.

This delicate lace is worked with very fine thread and a large number of bobbins is required even for the small motifs.