Perfect Lace Technique - Corners/Curves

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Jana Novak


The introduction with colour photos of traditional and modern bobbin laces is followed by 28 large diagrams in black and white with instructions.


Text English, German, Danish and Czech, 80 pages, 30x21cm, hardcover.

Klöppeln mit Kindern

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Alle Grundlagen – spielend leicht

Katrin Baumann, Steffi Schmat


The short introduction of the manual for children is followed by 14 patterns with colour diagrams and schemas for amusing figures and decorations. Good colour photos of all objects and step by step close-ups, with lists of materials, instructions and short nursery rhymes.


Text German, 96 pages, 21,5 x 21,5 cm, hardcover.

Perfect Lace Technique – Basics

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Jana Novak


The historic introduction is followed by 34 examples with variations on the theme of edgings, connections and crossings with several pairs. Well drawn diagrams in black and white.


Text English, German, Danish and Czech, 88 pages, 30x21cm, hardcover.


Mailänder im Mustermix

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Sabine Frank-Hart


Instructions and pattern for one large motif with drawings of technical details and black and white photos, in addition 63 diagrams in colour of various Milanese tapes.


Text German, 21 pages, booklet A4 30x21cm.

Dentelle aux fuseaux: techniques de base

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Centre d’enseignement de la dentelle au fuseau du Puy-en-Velay


85 patterns with step by step instructions for basic stitches, with 114 drawings and 85 diagrams, followed by patterns for 10 narrow braids, 10 Torchon laces and 8 grounds, illustrations in colour.


Text French, 78 pages, 30x23cm, hardcover.

Perfect Lace Technique - Beginning

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Jana Novak


45 solutions for special shapes and examples with growing number of pairs with well drawn diagrams in black and white.


Text English, German, Danish and Czech, 58 pages, 30x21cm, hardcover.

Pretty Binche

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Steffi Reinhardt, Katrin Zschoche


21 small motifs with patterns in several sizes corresponding to recommended threads, colour diagrams with short instructions and photos of each lace.


Text German and English, 21 x 15 cm, 56 pages, paperback.


Withof ....... Before and After

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Yvonne Scheele-Kerkhof


The Withof bobbin lace is the new form of Belgian Duchesse lace, made with fine cotton from 100/2 to 185/2. In the comprehensive introduction all possibilities of adornments are explained with many drawings. The second parts contains 18 patterns, mainly flower motifs in white cotton or silk, a fan and a decorative belt, with short descriptions, good photos of the each project and some close-ups.


Text English and Dutch, 28x21cm, 150 pages, paperback. 

Paisley im Farbenverlauf, Teil 2

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Sabine Frank-Hart

Teil 2


A second large Paisley pattern in various colours and techniques (mainly Milanese tapes) with 52 diagrams and detailed instructions with drawings, for lace makers looking for a challenging project.


Text German, 16 pages, 30x21cm, paperback.

Paisley im Farbenverlauf

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Sabine Frank-Hart

Teil 1


One large coloured Paisley pattern made of Milanese tapes and decorative fillings, with 52 diagrams and detailed instructions with drawings, for lace makers looking for a challenging project.


Text German, 16 pages, 30x21cm, paperback.

Lace threads in dD

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Martina Wolter-Kampmann


New updated edition of the book "THREAD & PRICKING – A PARTNERSHIP".

All tested threads, linen, cotton, silk and others, are measured in the same way (dD = average thread diameter) and can easily be compared.


Text German and English, 104 pages, 21cm x 14cm, hardcover.

Unsichtbar - Invisible

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Martina Wolter-Kampmann


A manual for hidden starts and finishes in bobbin lace with many technical drawings and clear close-up photographs in colour. A few small patterns for exercises and a DVD.


Text German and English, 191 pages, 22,5x25cm, hardcover

Spinnen Spinnen Spinnen, Hildegard Glös

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Collection of 83 different spiders with 4 to 20 pairs and pattern for a sampler.


Magazine 27x21cm, 40 pages, text German.

Gründe mit System, Uta Ulrich

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Collection of 448 grounds, all made in bobbin lace and photographed, with short instructions and working diagrams.

Text German, 192 pages, 27x21cm, hardcover.

The Grammar of Point Ground, Ulrike Voelcker

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Manual with a well illustrated extensive technical part and some pretty patterns for exercise from narrow laces to elegant mats. Superbe black and white photos and large drawings.

Text German and English, 192 pages, 22,5x22,5cm, hardcover

Wiener Spitzen, Hartmut Lang

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Revised manual with colour diagrams and drawings, as well as good black and white photos of the 52 patterns, from the narrow lace to attractive mats.


Text German, English and French, 129 pages, 21 x 30 cm, hardcover.

Klöppel-Kurs, Ulrike Löhr

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Text German, 96 pages, 21x15cm, paperback

Dieser in 17 Lektionen gegliederte Kurs will solide Grundlagen schaffen. Er ist gedacht als Kursbuch oder zum Selbststudium. In mehreren Kapiteln wird - Schritt für Schritt erklärt - jeweils eine Spitzentechnik erlernt. Mustervorlagen, Glossar, Zeichenerklärungen, nützliche Informationen und viele Fotos machen das Buch zu einer unersetzlichen Arbeitshilfe für Lehrende und Lernende.

La Dentelles aux Fuseaux pas à pas, Michelle Andreu

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A short manuel with photos and diagrams in colour for 10 nice bobbin laces for mats, cushions, small bags and a bookmark.
Text French, paperback 21 x 30cm, 28 pages

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