Traditional lace

La Maille de Bailleul, Isabelle Gruson

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Over 40 patterns for narrow bobbin laces in Egyptian cotton 80/2 and 36/2, a medallion and a handkerchief, patterns with large colour diagrams, photos of the lace in original size and a close-up of a detail.


Text French, 25 x 19 cm, 111 pages, paperback.

Pochettes en Cluny polychrome de Brioude

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Hôtel de la Dentelle, Odette Arpin

10 traditional remade patterns for experienced lace makers in Cluny polychrome style and coloured silk. Technical introduction of 11 pages, patterns for each lace corner with diagram in black and white and extensive instructions, pretty colour photos.


Text French, 27,5 x 21,5 cm, 88 pages, paperback.

La dentelle de Craponne

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Odette Arpin


Introduction to the bobbin lace of Craponne. The historic part and some pages with drawings demonstrating technical details are followed by 12 pretty flower laces of increasing difficulties. Patterns in real size, large diagrams and good colour photos.


Text French, 27,5 x 21,5 cm, 88 pages, paperback.

Valenciennes-Spitzen aus dem Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum, Aachen

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Maria Kilian

Claudia Schuster


15 redrawn fine Valenciennes laces, some edgings corresponding to the original laces and some pretty medallions with flower motifs. Patterns for Egyptian cotton 70/2 and 80/2. Diagrams and photos of the old and new laces in black and white.


Text German and English, 30 x 21 cm, 48 pages, paberback.

La Guipure du Puy - Base et perfectionnement

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Nathalie Hubert, Mick Fouriscot


Beautiful traditional bobbin laces in fine silk. The technical introduction is followed by 50 patterns for experienced lace makers, mostly edgings, some with corners or in circular shape and four decorative bookmarks, always with specification of material, diagrams and photos in colour.


Text French, 27,5 x 21,5 cm, 144 pages, paperback.

Christian Traugott Grimm - Klöppelcurriculum 1823

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Maria Kilian

Claudia Schuster


The historic introduction and the extensive theoretical part are followed by 10 redrawn patterns for point ground bobbin laces from narrow and easy to large and decorative, with specification of threads and good illustrations.


Text German, 48 pages, 30x21cm, paperback.

Valenciennes - Früher und Heute

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Ulrike Voelcker


Description of the techniques of the Valenciennes lace with drawings and good black and white photos, 21 beautiful fine laces and attractive new inserts with patterns, diagrams and instructions.


Text German and English, 80 pages, 30x21cm, paperback.

Emilie Krüger, Ulrike Voelcker

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23 superb bobbin laces, patterns by Ulrike Voelcker for experienced lace makers, based on elegant drawings by Emilie Krüger of the time from 1899 to 1900, with historic introduction, large diagrams and photos in colour, technical drawings and specification of threads.


Text German and English, 30x21cm, 128 pages, hardcover.

Die Spitzen der Wiener Werkstätte Dagobert Peche

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Hartmut Lang

The first part is dedicated to the history of the Austrian Wiener Werkstätte and its designers and lace makers. The second part contains 16 redrawn patterns for 7 edgings and 9 pictures by Dagobert Peche, with technical drawings in colour and large photographs of the bobbin laces.

Text German, 30,5x23cm, 112 pages, hardcover.

Dentelles de Retournac

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Centre d’Enseignement de la Dentelle au Fuseau


The historic introduction about the old bobbin lace manufacture is followed by 20 patterns from the museum of Retournac (France). Borders, mats and ornaments are well redrawn and explained, along with diagrams and illustrations in colour.


Text French, 29,9x22,5cm, 88 pages, hardcover

La Dentelle de Bayeux

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Jeanine Potin

Marie Catherine Nobécourt


The historic introduction and the technical part are followed by 10 pretty projects for fine bobbin laces, from small bookmarks to a large collar, with technical diagrams, colour photos and separate prickings.


Text French, 27,5 x 21cm, 80 pages, paperback.

Floral Bedfordshire, Yvonne Scheele-Kerkhof

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40 new patterns for fine laces and medaillons with colour illustrations and close-ups including 69 drawings for the comprehensive technical part.
Text English, German, Dutch and French, 168 pages, 27x21cm, hardback.

Description of the editor:

The techniques of Bedfordshire lace provide the lace designer with a wide variety of possibilities. Very different kinds of motifs worked closely in cloth stitch can be placed in a light, open ground; pairs are added as needed and later laid out again as inconspicuously as possible. Pointed, round and curved forms may be designed relatively freely.

40 new designs for flower motifs in the Bedfordshire technique are presented in this book. The flowers and sprigs are decorated extravagantly with trifles such as raised and sometimes rolled tallies, or gimp threads which run within motifs. The motifs are surrounded by a great variety of filigree grounds.

Although inspired by the designs of Thomas Lester from the late 19th century, the motifs are intended for the present day: we no longer need lace by the yard but enjoy single motifs which catch the eye, especially when applied to clothing, but which also have many other uses.

Bedfordshire lace is not very easy to work. That pairs must constantly be added and taken out requires not only a good eye for appropriate placing but also a good grounding in the techniques which can be used. Therefore the patterns in this book are preceded by an extensive section in which all the special techniques are described and illustrated. It is recommended that beginners study this section thoroughly, but experienced lacemakers will also be glad of one or other of the tips.

This delicate lace is worked with very fine thread and a large number of bobbins is required even for the small motifs.

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Austria-Spitze, Leopoldine Winkler

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Austria Lace – Art Nouveau Bobbin Lace from Vienna
German and English text

A lacebook that reaches new dimensions - not alone regarding its size. Austria lace is a kind of tape lace from the early 1900’s (partly with a clear reminiscence to Guipure lace), which as a forerunner of the still familiar Schneeberg lace sank into oblivion after the 1920’s. Now this kind of lace has been rediscovered for us by Leopoldine Winkler who has reconstructed 25 typical patterns and constructed new corners for many of them. The book contains a history of Austria lace, a detailed technical section, and the patterns with prickings, clear large-sized color-code diagrams and instructions. Austria lace of the tape lace type is more or less easy to work, usually with 6 or 9 pairs. Sometimes only 3 pairs are required to make an impressive broad edging. Austria lace of  the guipure type would rather be a task for the expert lacemaker usually requiring 20 to 30 pairs or more. (There are two patterns included for 48 and about 150 pairs!)  For all patterns linen 90/2 has been used.

152 pages, 34×24 cm, hardback.

Schonische Spitze, Wivi-Ann Nordström

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24x17cm, Hardcover, 88 pages, text Swedish and German

Nyytinki, Pentikäinen/Leimulahti

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A collection of 102 freehand lace patterns, all illustrated in color and with working diagrams for you to follow. The patterns are worked without lace prickings. They come from the Karelian isthmus and the islands Tytärsaari, Lavansaari and Seiskari in the Gulf of Finland.The collection includes many kinds of freehand lace, some are worked in one color, some in several. The Karelian lace is between 0.6 and 7 cm in width, the lace from the islands between 4 and 6 cm. Most of the patterns are worked with between 10 and 20 pairs, the wider ones need more (up to 33 pairs). Originally the lace was used to trim the aprons and blouses worn with traditional folk costume but nowadays, of course, it may be used for other purposes as well. – An extensive collection of patterns for all those who like to make freehand lace or lace insertions and edgings of any kind. Includes an introduction to the history of the lace and details of methods used.

30x21cm, hardcover, 104 pages, Text Finnish, German, Swedish, English.

At the moment not available.