Contemporary lace

Spitze Kleidet 2, Mailänder Spitzen

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Christine Mirecki

Well drawn patterns for Milanese laces in linen 50/2 and 40/2 for garments. Decorations for sleeves, shoulders and necklines in interesting shapes, with colour photos of the mounted laces.

Text German, French, English, 30 x 21 cm, 45 pages, paperback.

Barjac Ombrée II - a floral Torchon lace

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Ulrike Voelcker


The author calls this very fine lace floral Torchon lace: 32 elegant patterns with instructions and large colour diagrams, some on a separate A1 sheet, including good pictures of the laces.


Text German and English, 30 x 21 cm, 104 pages, paperback.

Garden Dreams, Elfi Krüger

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Many pleasant flower motifs, but also trees, two pretty dragonflies and a beetle for experienced lace makers, 25 patterns for white Egyptian cotton of different counts, with instructions and good photos in natural size.

Text German and English, 27 x 21 cm, 79 pages, paperback.

Spitze Kleidet, Mailänder Spitzen

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Christine Mirecki


Introduction to the technique of the Milanese lace and well drawn patterns with short specification of material for insertions, sleeves, collars and ornaments, many pictures in colour of each lace and its matching garment.


Text German, French, English, 30 x 21 cm, 44 pages, paperback.


Tiere in Tüll

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Ulrike Voelcker


Ulrike Voelcker has created delicate bobbin laces based on drawings of animals by Rolf D. Fay and several lace makers have worked the superb pictures. 16 patterns with instructions, drawings of details and large diagrams, partly on a separate sheet, good photos.


Text German and English, 30 x 21 cm, 96 pages, paperback.

Klöppelspitzen, Halbschlag-Fantasien in Form und Farbe

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Marianne Geissendörfer


23 patterns for new bobbin laces in half stitch, including a variety of pretty small motifs for birds and stars. The delicate laces and the new decorative edges should be starched. Good colour photos, patterns with instructions and diagrams of details.


Text German and English, 30 x 21 cm, 60 pages, paperback.

Schneeflöckchen Weissröckchen

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Ulrike Voelcker


14 superb new projects, elegant flower motifs with snowflake grounds for experienced lace makers. Large colour diagrams with instructions, clear black and white photographs of the laces.


Text German and English, 30 x 21 cm, 72 pages, paperback.

Von Herzen, Ulrike Voelcker

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17 beautiful patterns for fine laces in point ground as medallions with various heart motifs, comprehensive instructions for perfect results with many line drawings and good close-up photos of technical details.


Text German and English, 96 pages, 22x22cm, paperback.

Spitzen und Einsätze, Brigitte Bellon

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25 original patterns for stylish bobbin laces in various styles, including the corresponding corner. Each pattern with technical drawing, specification of threads and instructions, pretty photos of the laces in pale linen on coloured background.


Text German, 48 pages, 27x21cm, paperback.

Neue Entwürfe in Chrysanthe-Technik

3357 / 184154
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Hildegard Glös, Martina Wolter-Kampmann

The introduction to the technique of Chrysanthe bobbin lace is followed by 28 attractive patterns in various sizes with specification of threads and step by step instructions for butterflies, hearts, decorative drops and elegant numbers. All projects are documented by good colour photos. The larger patterns are printed on a separate sheet.

Text German, 21x27cm, 56 pages, paperback.

Weinmotive in Klöppelspitze, Barbara Corbet

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6 patterns in various bobbin lace techniques, from an easy edging to a superb round mat and other motifs with leaves and wine grapes, in addition 6 bottles in various shapes, with large diagrams and photos in colour and specification of threads.

Text in German, 30x21cm, 36 pages, paperback.

Klöppelspitzen Halbschlag kreativ

3318 / 598478
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Marianne Geissendörfer


13 patterns in halfstitch, mainly basic geometric projects in white or in pleasant colour schemes, patterns with instructions, diagrams and illustrations in colour.


Text German, booklet A4 30x21cm, 58 pages.

Lace and Fashion, Jana Novak

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19 attractive patterns for large collars and multicoloured ornaments.


Text German, English and Danish, 60 pages and large patterns, 30x21cm, hardcover.

Translation Jarni Krajka

095001 - 095002
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Magazine with text only (without patterns)

Lampions und Blüten, R. Schmuck

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Easy patterns for 18 pretty 3D objects (laterns and flowers) decorated with multicoloured beads, instructions and colour illustrations, patterns on separate sheet.

Text German, 32 pages, 24x17cm, paperback.

Zodiac, Jana Novak

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12 patterns for small animals : Rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, cock, dog, boar.


Magazine 21x21cm, 40 pages, text English and Japanese

Flowers in Bobbin Lace

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U. Fagerlin, B. Hulterström

The latest book of the successful Swedish couple Fagerlin/Hulterström, this time with 24 patterns for true-to-life lace flowers (iris, rose, heather, gentian, fritillary etc. - as well as some rare plants from the realm of fantasy).  With color illustrations in natural size, working instructions and diagrams which are meant to be used as prickings as well.

Text German, Swedish and English, 64 pages, 24x17cm, hardcover.

Schmetterlinge, Ulrike Löhr

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Magazine with 10 patterns for Butterflies, 21x15cm, 36 pages, Text German.