Christmas lace

Spitzensterne / Bobbin Lace Stars

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Dana Mihulková, Irena Ring


26 pretty stars worked with cotton 50/2 and gimp. Each pattern designed in a different way and well documented with colour diagram and photo of the lace. Technical introduction with many drawings and close-up photos of the work in progress.


Text German and English, 30 x 21 cm, 44 pages, paperback.

Christmas Decorations, Pôvabnica Turca

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Christmas decorations in bobbin lace from the Liptov region (Slovakia): Stars, bells, circular motifs and 3D balls in several variations, well drawn patterns and photos in colour of the laces.


Text in English, 36 pages, 30x21cm, paperback.

Neue Weihnachts-Klöppelmuster

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Brigitte Bellon


42 patterns for angels, candles, stars, hearts, bells, cribs and many others.


Text German, English, Spanish, French, 104 pages, 24x17cm, hardcover.

Dreidimensionale Klöppelsterne

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Rosemarie Schmuck, Anneliese Schröder

14 three-dimensional stars made of folded bobbin  lace strips. All illustrations in colour, separate pattern sheet.


Text German, 32 pages, 24 x 17 cm, paperback.

Jana's Angels, Jana Novak

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Patterns for 11 fanciful angels in gay colours and one Christmas tree, colour illustrations.

Text in Danish, English and German, 56 pages, 21,5 x 15,5 cm, hardcover.

The Crib 6, (damaged copy)

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Jana Novak


22 patterns for 9 figures, 2 sheep, ram, dog, ox, donkey and three-dimensional crib with star. Patterns, diagrams and colour photos.


At the moment only damaged copies available.


Text Danish, English, German, 56 pages, 30x21cm, hardcover.

Translation of the book "The Crib 6"

095003 - 095005
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Translation text of the book "The Crib 6", without photos, without patterns

Christmas Lace 5, Jana Novak

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Filigree stars, three-dimensional birds, angels and bells are designed for both beginners and experienced lacemakers. The author also illustrates how her ideas can inspire you to expand upon the patterns in her book and create your own designs

Text Danish, German, English, 60 pages, 30x21cm, hardcover

Translation English "New Christmas Lace 3"

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English translation text of the book "Neue Weihnachtsspitze 3", without photos, without patterns