Bobbin-Made Jewellery from Metal Threads

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Martina Wolter-Kampmann


The explanations regarding of bobbin lace made of metallic threads and the technique are followed by eleven bracelets, four necklaces, five brooches and one earring, extensive instructions with diagrams, large colour photos, patterns.


Text German and English, 22.5 x 24.5 cm, 107 pages, hardcover.

Les Couleurs de la Dentelle aux Fuseaux

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Caroline Panthier Sabot & Claudine Chanteloube


The 20 patterns for jewellery, from narrow cloth stitch tapes to elegant laces with many tallies, are worked in several colours. The specification of material (silk threads and accessories for jewellery) is followed by comprehensive instructions and large colour photos.


Text French, 27,4 x 21,6 cm, 80 pages, paperback.

Polychromie & Dentelle

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Odette Arpin


10 patterns for multicoloured silk bobbin laces in Cluny style with tallies and small beads, Stylish jewellery and elegant accessories well documented by large diagrams, comprehensive instructions and drawings of basic stitches, beautiful illustrations in colour.


Text French, 30 x 21 cm, 100 pages, paperback.

Bobbin Lace Jewellery and Accessories II

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Lia Looga


The second book shows similar jewellery and shawls as in the first book, partly with the same basic patterns just worked differently. Some patterns from older publications of well known authors are also included. The last chapter shows multicoloured lace ribbons for Estonian folklore adornments and large shawls in Torchon style. Many coloured photos, patterns in black and white and specification of threads.


Text Estonian, English and German, 30x21cm, 143 pages, hardcover. 

Bijoux et accessoires de mode en dentelle

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Martine Piveteau


27 bobbin lace patterns, some with beads, for necklaces, pendants and bracelets, elegant bags and shawls. Patterns mainly in Torchon technique, with diagrams, instructions and large colour photos.


Text French, 29,5x22,5cm, 96 pages, hardcover

Kleine Schmuckstücke in Chrysanthe-Technik, Hildegard Glös

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Some years ago, a revival of Chrysanthemum lace began, and meanwhile this bobbin lace technique has met with quite a number of fans, as it combines an elegant design with a comparatively simple technique. Hildegard Glös, a lacemaker from Berlin, has now prepared 24 patterns for small decorations, 8 each in drop, oval or heart shape (8–11 cm high).

The booklet begins with a short introduction explaining the characteristic features of Chrysanthemum lace, followed by the patterns, each with colour photo, pricking and the necessary indications of thread and number of pairs to be used

Text German, magazine, 32 pages in colour, 24x17cm

Jana's Jewellery, Jana Novak

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20 patterns for stylish jewellery, consisting of glass necklaces (illustrations on the next page) enhanced with unconventional bobbin lace, in addition some flowers and butterflies made of bobbin lace combined with beads and other items.


Text German, Danish, English, 21x22cm, 60 pages, hardcover

Jana's textile jewellery, Jana Novak

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12 new ideas for textile jewellery with semi-precious stones and glass beads. Patterns, diagrams and color pictures.

Text in English, German, Danish and Czech, 48 pages, 21x21cm, paperback.

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