Klöppelideen für Ostern

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Emma de Ro

Patterns for bobbin lace in various techniques for Easter eggs and many flat egg shaped motifs, in addition small spring decorations, with specification of material, instructions and colour photos.

Text German, list of terms in English, French and Italian, 28,5 x 21,5 cm, 92 pages, hardcover.

Special Estonia

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Kant Centrum Brugge


15 patterns for bobbin laces in various techniques, from Torchon to fine Chantilly, for experienced lace makers. Traditional and modern projects form various designers, with large technical diagrams, short instructions and good colour photos.


Text in English, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish, 30 x 21 cm, 64 pages, paperback. 

L’Arabesque de Cordoue

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Ángel Sánchez Sirviente


Patterns for tape lace without dots for pins, inspired from antique art work of Cordoba (Spain) in silk and golden threads: 8 motifs with specification of materiel, detailed instructions illustrated with many photos and 12 other patterns for jewellery and fans for experienced lace makers, good colour photos.


Text French, 27 x 21 cm, 72 pages, paperback.

Florale Herzen, Elfi Krüger

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24 decorative hearts with flower motifs in different techniques, patterns with drawings and instructions including specification of threads. Good colour photos of the delicate white laces in Egyptian cotton.


Text German, 27 x 21 cm, 64 pages, paperback.

Small Motifs in Idrija Technique

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Kleine motiefjes in Idrija-techniek


Riet Delescen


The comprehensive introduction to Idria tape lace is followed by 28 lovely small motifs for all seasons, butterflies, flowers, stars and other decorations. Good colour photos of the laces, patterns in black and white.


Text Dutch, German and English, 27 x 21 cm, 48 pages, paperback.

Geklöppelte Klöppel

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Barbara Corbet


Mats in various techniques corresponding to the country of origin. Basic knowledge is necessary, however, every lace maker will find a suitable pattern and discovers further techniques. Patterns with specification of threads, colour code and photos of the laces and typical bobbins.


Text German, 31 x 23 cm, 163 pages, hardcover.


Fiandra a tre paia, Diana Dussi

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A narrow tape of three pairs is first worked to fill of the surface which is then surrounded by a tape with some additional pairs. The historic introduction and the technical part with an exercise pattern are followed by 12 pretty patterns for various delicate bobbin laces. Patterns with instructions and attractive colour photos.


Text in Italian, German and English, 27 x 21 cm, 64 pages, paperback.

Mariage avec dentelles

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Michelle Andreu


5 patterns for a wedding: a small basket, a garter, a cushion for the rings in Torchon lace, a heart motif, a fan in Bruges flower technique. All bobbin laces in white linen 60/2 and 80/2, with instructions diagrams and colour photos.


Text French, 30x21cm, 8 pages, paperback.

Florale Sterne, Elfi Krüger

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17 pretty stars in various flowerwork techniques in different degrees of difficulty for experienced lace makers (Florence, Rosaline, Honiton, Rococo, Duchesse and Bruges Blumenwerk). Clear illustrations of the laces in fine cotton, patterns with instructions and some drawings.

Text German, 27 x 21 cm, 40 pages, paperback.

Variations Dentellières, Michelle Andreu

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The new enlarged edition contains about 30 patterns, from the narrow friendship bracelet to pretty Torchon edgings and mats, including some 3D examples and laces with Tulle or Paris ground. Patterns with specifications of threads and diagrams, illustrations in colour of the mounted laces.


Text French, 27 x 21 cm, 82 pages, paperback.

16 Easter Eggs

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By Members of the Pôvabnica Turca Civic Association


16 egg shaped patterns, all in the same size, but with different motifs, worked with cotton corresponding approximately to linen Nel 40/2 to 50/3.  Well drawn patterns with interesting technical details, good colour pictures.


Magazine, text English, 21x15cm, 41 pages.

Kunterbunte Klöppel-Ostereier

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Annelies Kirst


Magazine with 20 flat patterns for multicoloured Easter eggs as decoration of windows and bouquets or for small gifts. Patterns and pretty illustrations in colours.


Text German, 24x17cm, 24 pages.

Bobbin Lace Butterflies

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Geklöppelte Schmetterlinge, Brigitte Bellon


30 pretty butterflies in various bobbin lace techniques and one edging in Torchon, well drawn patterns with specification of threads, instructions and diagrams, large illustrations in colour.


Text German and English, 27x21cm, 72 pages, hardcover.

Variationen in Blüte, Christine Mirecki

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Single flowers in variations and a large choice of mats with floral motifs, with specification of threads, technical diagrams, patterns and colour photos.


Text German, English, French, 30x21cm, 40 pages, paperback.

Bobbin Lace - to and fro, C. Burkhard

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20 patterns with variations for mats, table runners, candle holders and other decorative objects, from a small star to a large shawl. All laces to be worked to and fro with a limited number of bobbins. Large colour illustrations, patterns on separate sheets.

Text German, French and English, 17 x 24cm, 40 pages, paperback.

15 Zauberhafte Figuren zwischen Tag und Traum

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Christine Mirecki

Costumes in bobbin lace for 15 different figures including handcraft instructions, patterns, colour-photos.


Text German, 40 pages, 21x21cm, magazine.


Is not available any more.

Abécédaire, Michelle Andreu

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Dentelle aux fuseaux, broderie et ruban de soie


Patterns for letters in bobbin lace or embroidery and silk tape decorations explained by clear photographs, examples of small gift with personal touch. Separate pattern sheet.


Text French, Magazine 30x21cm, 24 pages

Lace for ten pairs, Claire Burkhard

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37 patterns which can all be made with not more than ten pairs of bobbins, handkerchief edgings, mats, lace to wear, small motifs. All the patterns are easy to work, 31 illustrations in colour.

Text in German, French and English, 72 pages, 24x17cm, hardcover.

Klöppelspitzen mit Tieren, C. Burkhard

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Folder on the theme "animals" in bobbin lace. Cards ready to use with stylised patterns easy to make or figurative motifs. Text German, 12 patterns, 12 illustrations motifs, 31x22cm