Occhi-Ideen für Ostern

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Emma de Ro

A large choice of tatting Easter patterns for synthetic eggs or flat felt patches, including some decorations for small gifts and card, to be worked with one or two shuttles, always with specification of material, instructions and illustrations in colour.

Text German, 28,5 x 21,5 cm, 80 pages, hardcover.

L' ABC de la frivolité

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Tomoko Morimoto


A manual for tatted lace with many colour photos to explain the technique with shuttles or needle. In addition various examples from little flowers and coloured mats to a stole or jewellery with beads, including specification of material and diagrams.


Text French, 112 pages, 26 x 21 cm, paperback.

Tatting Fantasía 7, Iris Niebach

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Crosses and squares


For every month another small motif in two colours which may be extended to a cross or repeated to build a square. Instructions with step by step pictures and large colour photos of the tatted laces.


Text English, German, Italian, 40 pages, 21 x 21 cm, paperback.

Tatting Fantasia 6, Iris Niebach

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Tatted elements in two colours, 6 triangles, 7 squares and 7 hexagons for mats and stars, with drawings, step by step instructions and pretty colour photos.

Text English, German and Italian, 34 pages, 21x21cm, paperback.

L’art de la frivolité à motifs végétaux

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Sumi Fujishige


Some large and beautiful collars, many pretty necklaces with earrings and a few mats. Colour photos of the laces to the theme of the plant world, separate technical section and instructions with diagrams of the various elements.


Text French, 96 pages and separate sheet for large patterns, 29,5x23,5cm, paperback.

Bijoux de fleurs en frivolité

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Over 20 projects for tatted jewellery made of pretty flowers, necklaces, earrings and accessories. Colour photos of the laces, comprehensive technical part with diagrams and detailed instructions.


Text French, 92 pages, 20x18 cm, paperback.

Butterflies Schmetterlinge Farfalle

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Iris Niebach


12 different patterns for colourful butterflies in tatting, with detailed instructions and diagrams, large illustrations in colour.


Text English, German, Italian, 22 x 22cm, 35 pages, paperback.