Austria-Spitze, Leopoldine Winkler

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Austria Lace – Art Nouveau Bobbin Lace from Vienna
German and English text

A lacebook that reaches new dimensions - not alone regarding its size. Austria lace is a kind of tape lace from the early 1900’s (partly with a clear reminiscence to Guipure lace), which as a forerunner of the still familiar Schneeberg lace sank into oblivion after the 1920’s. Now this kind of lace has been rediscovered for us by Leopoldine Winkler who has reconstructed 25 typical patterns and constructed new corners for many of them. The book contains a history of Austria lace, a detailed technical section, and the patterns with prickings, clear large-sized color-code diagrams and instructions. Austria lace of the tape lace type is more or less easy to work, usually with 6 or 9 pairs. Sometimes only 3 pairs are required to make an impressive broad edging. Austria lace of  the guipure type would rather be a task for the expert lacemaker usually requiring 20 to 30 pairs or more. (There are two patterns included for 48 and about 150 pairs!)  For all patterns linen 90/2 has been used.

152 pages, 34×24 cm, hardback.