Nyytinki, Pentikäinen/Leimulahti

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A collection of 102 freehand lace patterns, all illustrated in color and with working diagrams for you to follow. The patterns are worked without lace prickings. They come from the Karelian isthmus and the islands Tytärsaari, Lavansaari and Seiskari in the Gulf of Finland.The collection includes many kinds of freehand lace, some are worked in one color, some in several. The Karelian lace is between 0.6 and 7 cm in width, the lace from the islands between 4 and 6 cm. Most of the patterns are worked with between 10 and 20 pairs, the wider ones need more (up to 33 pairs). Originally the lace was used to trim the aprons and blouses worn with traditional folk costume but nowadays, of course, it may be used for other purposes as well. – An extensive collection of patterns for all those who like to make freehand lace or lace insertions and edgings of any kind. Includes an introduction to the history of the lace and details of methods used.

30x21cm, hardcover, 104 pages, Text Finnish, German, Swedish, English.